I have enjoyed water skiing ever since my dad taught me how to ski on two short beginner skis while on vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks.   I was 8 years old when I learned to ski behind a small aluminum fishing boat with a 20 HP Mercury outboard motor.  Maybe it was due to my dad's good instructions, but somehow I hung on and got up on my first try.  I didn't fall until we made a full circle around the lake.  By the end of our vacation my dad would have to make a figure eight pattern with the boat, just to get me to fall down from the boat wakes.

    Since then, I have had the opportunity to ski at a bunch of locations on a variety of different ski apparatus including my bare feet and the futuristic hydrofoil Air Chair.. 

    For approximately 10 years I was a member of the Alton Water Ski Club.  During that time, I was able to learn a lot of new ski techniques form the various club members, clinics and show practices.The club put on several skis shows per year including the St. Louis Riverfront and Union Station Train Shed in downtown St. Louis. 

    For the past twenty years, I have kicked off each new year by skiing on January 1st on the St. Louis Riverfront.  Usually I wear a dry suit to survive the cold water, which sometime has chunks of ice.

    This gallery is collection of photographs of my friends and myself enjoying the sport of water skiing.


Types of skiing
Two Skis
Double Trick Skis
Single Trick Ski
Jump Skis
Barefoot - Two Feet
Barefoot - One Foot
Barefoot Tumble Turns
Barefoot Flying Dock Start
Barefoot Deep Water Start
Shoe Skis
Tennis Shoes
Canoe Paddle
Air Chair
Stand-up Kneeboard
Round Disc and Chair
Flat kite
Alton Lake, IL
Mississippi River, MO
Missouri River, MO
Meramec River, MO
Kaskaskia River, IL
Cuivre River, MO
Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Table Rock Lake, MO
Mark Twain Lake, MO
Lake Norfolk, MO
Bull Shoals Lake, MO
Grand Lake, OK
Train Shed -Union Station, St. Louis, MO
Lake Kinkade, IL
Litchfield Lake, IL
The Swamp, IL
Panama City Beach, FL
Orlando Watersports Complex, FL (Cable)
Pompano, FL (Cable)
Perrault Falls, Ontario Canada
Dunns River, Jamaica

My dad pulling me skiing


Barefooting on one foot

Triple kneeboard


Jim jumping the Air Chair

Brian getting big air on the Air Chair

Jim riding the Air Chair

I caught a fish while riding the air chair

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